How to connect with the Mineplex IP Server on Minecraft

The Mineplex ip server is one in every of the foremost widespread Minecraft servers out there and sometimes hosts quite 4.000 players at a time. It solely takes a second to affix before you’ll begin taking part in minigames and mingling with the crowds.


Open Minecraft on your pc. Currently, you’ll solely connect with Minecraft servers from a pc.

Update to the newest version. to ascertain that you simply have the newest version, check out all-time low left corner of the Minecraft menu after you 1st open the sport. Click Edit Profile, then realize “Use version” within the pop-up menu and choose Use Latest Version from the drop-down bar next to that.

Open the multiplayer menu. Log in to your profile, then choose Multiplayer on the most menu.

Click the Add Server button. you may have to be compelled to be connected to the net for this next step to figure.

Type Mineplex IP into the server name. you’ll really kind something you wish into the Server Name field. mistreatment “Mineplex” is usually recommended therefore you’ll simply realize it on your list of servers, if you opt to feature a lot of later.

Enter the server address. There square measure 2 addresses for the Mineplex server. choose the one nighest to wherever you live:
-Type in if you’re in or close to the u. s..
-Type in if you’re in or close to Europe.

Hit Done. you must see a replacement server on your list. The banner image sometimes says “Mineplex Games.”
If there’s a expanse with “cannot resolve host name,” strive once more and check that you kind the server address properly.
If the area says “cannot connect with server,” your web could be having hassle. strive plugging into LAN if you’re on WiFi, or simply strive once more later.

Join the server. Click the Mineplex IP server and choose to be a part of Server. you must show up within the Mineplex world virtually immediately!
To get started taking part in games, open your inventory and click on the “Items” to navigate the Mineplex menu.

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